ABC You can use this add-on to add a browser-based file editor to your installation. By default it will be available over Ingress only.

More information and a standalone version for regular Home Assistant installations can be found in the GitHub repository.

Screenshot of the Configurator.

Feature list

  • Web-based editor to modify your files with syntax highlighting and YAML linting.
  • Upload and download files.
  • Stage, stash and commit changes in Git repositories, create and switch between branches, push to remotes, view diffs.
  • Lists with available entities, triggers, events, conditions and services.
  • Restart Home Assistant directly with the click of a button. Reloading groups, automations, etc. can be done as well. An API password is required.
  • Direct links to Home Assistant documentation and icons.
  • Execute shell commands within the add-on container.
  • Editor settings are saved in your browser.
  • And much more…

Add-on Configuration

  "dirsfirst": false,
  "enforce_basepath": false

Configuration Variables



List directories before files in the file browser.

Default value:




If set to true, access is limited to files within the /config directory.

Default value:


Old port based Access

You can set a network Port and the Add-on listens on that Port with Home Assistant user credential. That is as a backup if you are not able to connect to Home Assistant anymore. Today, you can restart Home Assistant with broken config, but maybe some times usefully.