is an AI-powered voice assistant that runs on the Raspberry Pi 3 and x86 platforms. It runs on-device and is Private by Design.

The Snips add-on depends on the Mosquitto add on to bridge to Home Assistant, so make sure that is installed.

Home Assistant comes with certain Intents builtin to handle common tasks. A complete list of Intents can be found in this wiki Hass Snips Bundle.

The Snips add-on by default comes with an assistant that allows you to turn on lights or switches, open covers, or add and list items to a Shopping List if that integration is enabled.

If using a USB microphone and speakers plugged into the Raspberry Pi output, Snips will work without any change to the configuration. Trying saying things like:

Turn on kitchen light
Open garage door
What is on my shopping list

To get started creating your own configuration, follow their tutorial to create an assistant and download the training data. You can also add the Home Assistant Skill to your assistant to enable the built-in intents, and add or create your own intents to do more complex tasks.

Now install and activate the Samba add-on so you can upload your training data. Connect to the “share” Samba share and copy your assistant over. Name the file or whatever you have configured in the configuration options.

Now it’s time to start Snips for the first time. You can configure the microphone and sound card using the Add-on interface. Now start the add-on.

Add-On configuration

  "mqtt_bridge": {
    "active": true,
    "host": "",
    "port": 1883,
    "user": "",
    "password": ""
  "assistant": "",
  "language": "en",
  "custom_tts": false,
  "tts_platform": "amazon_polly"

Configuration Variables



The name of your custom assistant in /share. If no assistant is found then a default assistant will be used.



Language. This is used to select the default custom assistant, Currently en, de and fr are supported.



Whether to use a TTS provider from Home Assistant for a variety of voices.

Default value:




Which TTS platform to use.

Home Assistant configuration

A simple configuration just requires this. Consult integration for more options.


Home Assistant configuration

There is an active discord channel and Snips forum for further support.


So now you can turn lights on and off, let’s check the weather. Log on to the console. If this is your first time, create a new assistant and add the Home Assistant skill, along with the Weather skill by snips. Download your assistant manually and copy it to the /share folder on your installation using the Samba add-on.

Next create a weather sensor, e.g., one for Dark Sky, and put the api_key in your secrets.yaml file. For this example to work you will need to have a valid API key from Dark Sky.

- platform: darksky
  name: "Dark Sky Weather"
  api_key: !secret dark_sky_key
    minutes: 10
    - summary
    - hourly_summary
    - temperature
    - temperature_max
    - temperature_min

Next add this to your configuration.yaml file to reference a new intent_script integration. This is a good practice to split your configuration files up.

intent_script: !include intent_script.yaml

Finally, create this intent_script.yaml file in your configuration directory.

    type: plain
    text: >
      The weather is currently
      {{ states('sensor.dark_sky_weather_temperature') | round(0) }}
      degrees outside and {{ states('sensor.dark_sky_weather_summary') }}.
      The high today will be
      {{ states('sensor.dark_sky_weather_daily_high_temperature') | round(0)}}
      and {{ states('sensor.dark_sky_weather_hourly_summary') }}

Now just restart and ask it what the weather is like.