Create an add-on repository

An add-on repository can contain one or more add-ons. Each add-on is stored in its own unique folder. To be indentified as a repository, the repository must contain a configuration file.

Check the Example add-on repository for further details.

Installing a repository

A user can add a repository by going to the panel in Home Assistant, clicking on the store icon in the top right, copy/paste the URL of your repostory into the repository textarea and click on Save.

Repository configuration

Each repository is required to contain repository.json at the root in the git repository.

  "name": "Name of repository",
  "url": "http://www.example/addons",
  "maintainer": "HomeAssistant Team <>"
Key Required Description
name yes Name of the repository
url no Homepage of the repository. Here you can explain the various add-ons.
maintainer no Contact info of the maintainer.

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