The wunderlist integration allows you to create tasks in Wunderlist from Home Assistant. You can use this if you want Home Assistant to send you a task that you should not forget, e.g., Congratulate Dani.


Wunderlist API uses OAuth2, so you need to obtain a client_id and an access_token. There are two ways:

  1. Go to the Wunderlist IOT app page, log in with your Wunderlist account and accept the application permissions. It will print for you the client_id and the access_token.
  2. Or you can create your own application and access_token following the instructions at the Wunderlist developer page.

Store the parameters in your Home Assistant configuration:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  client_id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID
  access_token: YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN

Configuration Variables



The ID of your Wunderlist application (OAuth2).



A token for your Wunderlist personal account (For the client_id application).

Creating tasks with service create_task

This integration offers a new service domain wunderlist with the service create_task. You can call this service with the argument list_name the argument name and the optional parameter starred to create a new task.

Service data attribute Optional Description Example
list_name no Name of the list “Shopping list”
name no Name of the new task “Spanish Jam”
starred yes Create the task starred or not false


This product uses the Wunderlist API but is not endorsed or certified by Wunderlist.